Bamboo Bliss Kurta

Rs. 19,500

Immerse yourself in the serenity and elegance of the Bamboo Bliss Kurta. Designed for a myriad of occasions, from casual gatherings to cultural events, this kurta is the epitome of versatility and calm. Adorned with a bamboo-inspired motif, meticulously rendered through hand embroidery, it introduces a distinctive artistic touch to your wardrobe, blending seamlessly with its natural inspiration.

"Bamboo Bliss" is more than just a garment; it's a statement of tranquillity and timeless style. Tailored for those who value ethnic fashion infused with artistic expression, this cotton kurta stands out in any setting, celebrating simplicity and individuality. It's an attire that not only looks unique but also feels uniquely yours, promising comfort and a memorable presence across various special occasions.


  • Fabric: High-quality cotton, selected for its breathability and comfort.
  • Colour: Classic black, offering a sophisticated and versatile canvas for the hand-embroidered motif.
  • Components: A two-piece ensemble, perfectly harmonized for a complete and polished look.
  • Delivery: Crafted with care, your kurta will arrive in 10-20 days, ready to wear for your next event.
  • Care: For lasting beauty, dry clean only is recommended.
  • Fit: Tailored for a slim fit, this kurta is designed to flatter while maintaining traditional elegance and modern comfort.

With the Bamboo Bliss Kurta, embrace a blend of nature's tranquility and the refined beauty of handcrafted fashion.