Blush of Elegance Sherwani

Rs. 70,500

Step into a world of refined style with the Blush of Elegance Sherwani, a garment that beautifully marries the soft allure of pink with the sophisticated detail of ivory embroidery and handcrafted accents. Crafted from the finest raw silk, this Sherwani stands as a symbol of contemporary elegance and meticulous craftsmanship, making it an impeccable choice for weddings, cultural celebrations, and formal gatherings.

Emphasizing gentle charm and refined artistry, the Blush of Elegance Sherwani caters to those who value ethnic fashion with a modern twist. Perfect for occasions that demand a sophisticated and individual statement, this Sherwani ensures a timeless elegance and a memorable presence.


  • Fabric: Luxurious raw silk, renowned for its texture and sheen.
  • Color: A captivating shade of pink, offering a contemporary and elegant base for the ivory embroidery.
  • Components: A comprehensive five-piece set, designed for a complete and harmonious appearance.
  • Delivery: Anticipate delivery within 10-20 days, as we dedicate time to perfecting each detail for your special day.
  • Care: Dry clean only is advised to preserve the fabric's quality and intricate detailing.
  • Fit: Tailored for a slim fit, this Sherwani enhances the silhouette while ensuring comfort and style.

The Blush of Elegance Sherwani embodies sophistication, making it a stellar choice for those looking to make a unique and elegant statement on any special occasion